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“Secluded” and “pristine” are two adjectives we at Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park hear frequently about our unique facility in popular Orange County, California. The RV park – and “park-like” is another adjective – is situated to offer the best of the region’s city facilities while still being hidden a short distance away.

Our RV park caters to seniors with the traveling bug. But our prices will encourage you to extend your visit. For, while other RV parks in the area charge rates that practically punish visitors with high fees and artificial time limits, we welcome those who want make a good, long term stay of it. And we can customize a stay package that’s right for you.

We understand the draw. Orange County is home to some of the greatest, most unique entertainment offerings in the nation. Its beaches are familiar even to those who’ve never seen the ocean. And the Mediterranean-like climate is a welcome change for those hoping to escape colder climates.

The RV park at Parque Santiago offers all the amenities to be found at the costlier venues, including:

• Full utility and telephone hookups
• Clean, gorgeous grounds that are regularly maintained
• A location near shopping, medical care, the post office, libraries, and other facilities and points of interest
• Quiet and secure living with friendly neighbors and staff

Our RV park lots will accommodate some of the biggest monsters on the roads at 8 feet wide and up to 40 feet deep. The grounds are maintained constantly and made for privacy and security.

So stop on in when you’re in the Orange County area, park the RV, and stay a while. Contact Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park for more information or reservations.

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