Trailer Park

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Trailer Park

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Orange County, California, is one of those places people love to visit. Or, maybe they’d even like to move here.

Either way, you have a place to stay at Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park. Our trailer park is geared for senior living, and its lots are large enough to handle any trailer at 8 feet wide and up to 40 feet long. They are each landscaped to put a premium on privacy, though you’ll find your trailer park neighbors and the staff invitingly friendly.

Our amenities belie the affordable rates that invite longer stays in our secluded trailer park. They include:

• Full utility and telephone hookups
• Clean, gorgeous grounds that are regularly maintained
• A location near shopping, medical care, the post office, libraries, and other facilities and points of interest
• Quiet and secure living with friendly neighbors and staff

Stop by and view all we have to offer, and picture yourself as part of our trailer park community at Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park. Call us for details.

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